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Brother denied visas to visit First, Shelley Fletcher's brother was denied the right to visit his sister and her newborn baby in Canada.

"He's so depressed," said Fletcher, who moved to Canada five years ago after she met a Canadian teaching in China and the pair fell in love and married there. "We didn't think he'd be rejected." Jie applied to come to Canada for two months last year to visit his sister and brother in law before the newest addition to the family, baby Keiden, arrived louis vuitton damier graphite canvas briefcase in late summer. "I wrote up an invitation letter. He would stay here for two months. Our baby was due in August (last year) and we wanted him to come here for the baby." He was turned down. Jie has studied English and operates a real estate business at his home in central China. The family also assured Canadian embassy officials in Beijing that Jie louis vuitton alma epi review had sufficient funds to support himself while attending school in Canada. "They didn't think he wouid go back," Fletcher said. "They louis vuitton purses for sale authentic want to ensure that a student, if he comes to Canada, has the purposes for which he's intending.. They look at the record louis vuitton igor briefcase of employment. If he comes to Canada, will he return? They're very concerned about that." TRU is a destination for students from China. Visa requirements are liberal enough that the university has growth in international student numbers each year. Kamloops MP Cathy McLeod said her office deals with problems from residents whose relatives have been denied visas. She estimated that amounts to about 200 files a year. "We have an opportunity to look at things.

Sometimes there's things we can point out." Fletcher said she sought out advice, including from an immigration lawyer, before her brother applied to go to school here. The information they sent to the embassy included details of her brother's ties to China, ranging his girlfriend at home to his daily contact with others to show his bonds.

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