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Men LV Utah Leather Messenger Black M92071

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5 interesting facts about our universe IN SPACE OCTOBER 28: In this handout from the Solar Heliospheric Observatory, a major solar eruption is shown in progress October 28, 2003.

This X18 flare is the strongest flare since August 16, 1989 when a X20 flare occurred. A large coronal mass ejection (CME) has been hurled towards the Earth and could hit the Earth magnetosphere by October 30. The CME is seen as a white circle around the sun in this image. Until the orientation of the magnetic field in this cloud is known, the severity of the Geomagnetic Storm will be unknown. If the cloud has a southward directed magnetic field it will be severe, but if it has a northward component it will not affect the Earth that much. The eruption also accelerated a high energy proton shower, which can cause damage to satellites and can be harmful for astronauts. (Photo by Solar Heliospheric Observatory/NASA via Getty Images)In this Friday, Feb. Call it astronomy by Youtube the unprecedented social media documenting of a small asteroid exploding in the atmosphere over a Russian city earlier this year has taught scientists more than ever before about how, and how often, such spectacular events happen. Call it astronomy by Youtube the unprecedented social media documenting of a small asteroid exploding in the atmosphere over a Russian city earlier this year has taught scientists more than ever before about how, and how often, such spectacular events happen. MacMillan Space Centre in Vancouver, as well as the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, and David Dunlap Observatory north of Toronto will be hosting International Astronomy Day activities. To mark the day, here are some cool facts about our universe: 1. Most of the universe is made up of stuff we can seeWhen you look up at the night sky, you see billions of stars. In our galaxy alone, the Milky Way, there are an estimated 100 billion stars. And there are about 100 to 200 billion galaxies in our universe, each containing hundreds of billions of stars. Want to try counting them all? You may as well try counting the grains of sand on a beach. But all those billions of stars and galaxies account for just4.6 per cent of the universe. That right: almost 96 per cent of the universe is invisible to us. What we see is comprised of protons, neutrons, and electrons. But it turns out there is evidence of dark matter and dark energy that make up louis vuitton casual shoes cs-843 most of our universe. How can we say something is there when we can see it? It about how it interacts with other objects. Dark matter neither emits nor absorbs light or radiation. We know it there because of how it interacts with other things in the universe. A piece of evidence for the presence of dark matteris something called gravitational lensing. In the image below, you can see long streaks of light. That is because the light from a distant galaxy is being bent by the gravitational pull of dark matter. Images like this one help astronomers better understand the presence of dark matter in our universe. Hubble sees evidence of the presence of dark matterDark energy was proposed in the 1990s when astronomers calculated that the universe was louis vuitton bags store neither expanding at the same consistent speed over time nor was it slowing, but instead it was expanding. So something was preventing it from collapsing in on itself. 2. Clarke book, you might remember that Jupiter undergoes a transformation and becomes a star (if you haven sorry for the spoiler). Jupiter isn a failed star exactly, but with some more mass, it could be a star. Jupiter formed with rock and ice and then accumulated into something about 10 times as massive as Earth. Once it did that, it began to pull gas from the swirling disk that was forming our solar system. It believed that it was at that point louis vuitton bags in italy that it gained most of its mass (about 318 times more than Earth). Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, contains the same elements as our sun: helium and hydrogen, but it lacks the internal pressure and temperature to jump start the internal system of fusing hydrogen into helium, which is the same process that drives our sun. How louis vuitton dice bracelet could we get Jupiter to turn into another star? We need about 80 times more mass. 3. We are made up of starstuffStars don live forever.

They may die in a spectacular supernova or they may simply swell up and collapse. But when a supernova explodes violently, the leftover gas and dust is thrown out into space, forming nebulae, or clouds of gas. That dust and gas can then begin to form stellar nurseries, giving birth to other stars, and ultimately, planets.

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