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    Women LV Epi Leather Montaigne GM Rubis M5931M
    Women LV Epi Leather Montaigne GM Rubis M5931M

Women LV Epi Leather Montaigne GM Rubis M5931M

as a fact that every of the epi leather are fashion and stylish with high quality superior material.it can easily show one's taste and mature.whether for men or for women,the louis vuitton belt bags will always be first choice to help them to be more fashionable.the louis vuitton epi ...

Barack Obama joins tributes to rock 'n' roll giant Chuck Berry who dies aged 90 Pink Floyd star Roger Waters said: "Great man, among many other things he lit the fire under the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

He sort of unwittingly discovered little England and freed us." Queen guitarist Brian May wrote a lengthy tribute on his official website remembering Berry. He wrote: "As always when talking about the 1950s, it's very hard to convey how revolutionary this man was how outrageously original and daring how shocking it was for the world to witness people like Chuck smash the existing world order of popular music into bits." Reminiscing about how revolutionary Berry and his music was, he recalled a tongue in cheek scene from louis vuitton agenda damier ebene the popular 1985 time how can you tell if louis vuitton purses are real travel film Back To The Future. The scene sees a young Marty McFly, played by Michael J Fox, playing a few Berry chords on a louis vuitton neverfull kokemuksia guitar, with the famous musician listening to it all on the other end of a telephone to "learn it" from McFly. "It has a real truth embedded in it, too, louis vuitton agenda nederland because, as far as I know, nobody knows where or how Chuck got inspired to play like that," May mused. He wrote: "It's as if he must have tuned in to an alien, or a voice from Above, or, like in this film, copped it from a time traveller from the future." Hailing Berry as a "fundamental creator of Rock and Roll", he ended his post saying he was off to play the rock 'n' roll hero's music. Former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr tweeted a photograph of the musician captioned: "Just let me hear some of that rock 'n' roll music any old way you use it I am playing I'm talking about you. "This is a tremendous loss of a giant for the ages." Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys said on Twitter: "I am so sad to hear about Chuck Berry passing a big inspiration! He will be missed by everyone who loves Rock 'n Roll. Love Mercy." The Rolling Stones said they were "deeply saddened" by his death. "His songs will live forever." Berry was found unresponsive at his Missouri home after an initial call to local emergency services at 2.40pm (5.40pm GMT) on Saturday. St Charles County Police Department said Berry could not be revived, despite paramedics' attempts to administer "lifesaving techniques" on the singer and guitarist. Sir Rod Stewart said: "It started with Chuck Berry. The first album I ever bought was Chuck's Live At The Tivoli and I was never the same. He was more than a legend, he was a founding father. You can hear his influence in every rock roll band from my generation on. "His music and his influence will last forever." Former US president Bill Clinton also paid tribute to Berry, who played at both of his White House inaugurations. He said: "Hillary and I loved Chuck Berry for as long as we can remember. "The man was inseparable from his music both were utterly original and distinctly American. He made our feet move and our hearts more joyful. And along the way he changed our country and the history of popular music." Mr Clinton said Berry's "legend grew every time he stepped on stage" as he "never slowed down". "His life was a treasure and a triumph, and he'll never be forgotten.

Our hearts go out to his family and his countless friends and fans." Rock band The Doors tweeted: "RIP to one of rock 'n' roll's biggest innovators and a huge influence on The Doors, Chuck Berry.".

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