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    Women LV Epi Leather Bowling Montaigne Cassis M5932K

Women LV Epi Leather Bowling Montaigne Cassis M5932K

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Beware 'human resources' fads and panaceas Last month's article was a precis of the core issues facing Australian organisations, with a few observations about the ''millennial'' generations who are much more demanding than their predecessors.

These younger Australians focus on: what they can learn; their access to education, training and development; and a package of terms and conditions tailored to their individual needs at the time. They seek much more of a say in their workplace on decisions that affect them and greater involvement in the strategic direction of the enterprise. The click and go generation those born after 2001 with two thumbs for texting, a mouse in their hands and easy familiarity with social networking and other tools of the online digital age will drive an ''i everywhere'' 24 hour interconnected world based on their ubiquitously present personal computer when they enter the workforce.[1] Globalisation, developments in our societal framework, the impact of IT and demographic trends suggest we are on the brink of a quantum shift in the nature of the workplace. Unless leaders get in touch with people's opinions and respond to their need for meaningful and rewarding work, those people will simply vote with their feet. In the next decade, more people will retire than those due to begin employment. It will be increasingly challenging for employers to find and keep the workforce they need. Stalled productivity, skills shortages, demographic shifts, workforce participation rates and outdated management practices will be the order of the day. The outdated practices reflect the traditional command and control school of management, based on Douglas McGregor's ''theory X'' that most people: have an inherent dislike of work and will avoid it if they can; must be coerced to contribute to organisational objectives; and prefer to be directed, wish to avoid responsibility, have relatively little ambition and want security above all. Theory X managers consider their job as being louis vuitton shoes bloomingdales ''to motivate'' their employees, believing carrots and sticks are louis vuitton speedy 30 authentication the only effective way to get things done. Frederick Herzberg proved 25 years ago that motivation is an internal construct and you can't actually motivate others to do much of anything at all other than what they want to do, or what they perceive to be in their self interest. People find inspiration in different ways and things; those who are motivated beyond mere self interest seem louis vuitton louis vuitton shoes more content with their lot in life. McGregor, who is credited with the term ''human resources'', influenced the way performance reviews are conducted and shaped the idea of performance based remuneration in the private sector. Although rarely referred to nowadays, his theories underpin many (arguably most) modern management philosophies and practices. Whenever I hear someone use that insidious term human resources, I think they just don't get it. This isn't just nit picking semantics, because that sort of mindset won't help to attract and retain the people needed in louis vuitton bags amazon uk the looming war for talent. The Australian Human Resources Institute's designation sends the wrong message to its constituency. The institute should be all about people and performance, but its title sends a subliminal if not overt message that it is founded in the theory X school of management, seeing people as just another economic input, payroll number or commodity. To me, it's no coincidence that those who use the HR moniker are regarded as a secondary priority in organisations. Putting people first is my sine qua non. So what? Last month's article, and this one, dealt with ''what's the matter?'' and ''why?''. I will address the ''so what?'' part of the trilogy what should be done about these issues in five parts: Alistair Mant first awakened me to the peculiarities of Australian leadership: avoiding the FIGJAM syndrome, the frog or bicycle analogy, and the importance of thinking about organisations as complex living systems.[2] He also remarked that, sometimes, leadership and judgment is what you do when you don't know what to do, relying on intuition (gut feeling) and common sense; the latter not being all that common. There's no single approach to leadership and renewal no McLeadership model. Successful leaders employ different styles according to the situation and people involved. You need to beware the flavour of the month solution: the latest, usually American, fad or consultancy panacea to treat a problem you didn't know you had, which often turns out to be a placebo.

That's because of cultural differences.[3] For Australians, ''who I am at work is more significant than what I am or do at work''. In essence: Australian identity is more entwined with relationships than tasks; extraordinary efforts and endeavours are possible where bosses know their workers as individuals and what they can bring to the task; the common good is more motivating and powerful than the ''American dream''; shared plans and shared aims are the way to go, rather than false crises or ''burning platforms'', which are counterproductive; and.

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